Black Ops Cold War: RC-XD Is Woods' Bannerrocks Truck!

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The PS4 beta for Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War has been running for the last couple of days.

The game feels vastly different than when it was in alpha and the changes they have made are well appreciated.

Some eagle-eyed players have spotted a striking similarity with the RC-XD!




Twitter user and content creator PrestigeIsKey tweeted an image out that has surprised some players. 

The RC-XD that you can earn as a scorestreak in Black Ops Cold War is actually the same as Woods Bannerrocks truck from the campaign!

We can assume this was done on purpose, and we will probably know more details about why the RC-XD is like this when we get to check out the campaign.

Check out the RX-CD for yourself below!

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Pretty cool right? 

This is a stark difference between the classic RC-XD a lot of seasoned Call of Duty players are used to. 

However, the new design is definitely one we can get behind and we cannot wait to check out the campaign in a month's time.

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