Black Ops Cold War: Killstreak Glitch Earns Players Free Scorestreaks

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Black Ops Cold War is the new hotness right now and we can’t get enough of it.

We’re sure you can’t either, playing match after match and racking up those killstreaks!


Though if you aren’t quite as good as the pros who play 24 hours a day, a new glitch may help you out.

A few players online have been earning random killstreaks and their rewards for doing nothing.

Read more to learn everything we know about the glitch so far!

Kill Streak Glitch in Balck Ops Cold War

So, what is the glitch?


Well, a great example comes via a Twitch Clip.

CoD streamer DiamondRyce was playing a usual game, his team weren’t doing the best and the enemy team had managed to earn an Attack Helicopter.

At this point, DiamondRyce is killed and respawns, which somehow destroys the enemy chopper and spawns in his own.

Notifications appear on screen confirming that the Helicopter is his, and it starts earning kills.


Check out the clip here!

DiamondRyce is visibly and audibly confused by the events, but we wouldn’t complain.

It sucks for the enemy team, but for the streamer, it couldn’t be better!

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Exactly how this glitch occurred is as of yet unknown, but Treyarch will likely be patching it out swiftly.

Killstreak rewards can be very powerful and are well-deserved rewards for impressive in-game feats.

For whoever called in the Attack Helicopter, this outcome would feel pretty lame.

We’ll update you if we learn more about the glitch!