Black Ops Cold War Beta: Size Of The PC Beta Is Reportedly 200GB - Rumors, News and Leaks!

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One of the talking points throughout the Modern Warfare season has been massive updates and file sizes.

To fully download Modern Warfare and Warzone on PC right now is 225GB, and it doesn't appear this is going to change next year.


A new source has claimed the Black Ops Cold War beta is going to have a massive file size.


200 Plus

A new Twitter post by user ProtoWarehouse and BKTOOR_ has alerted fans that the Black Ops Cold War Beta size for PC may be around 200GB.


Although this source may not be the most credible as of now, it would not surprise us if the file size is 200GB.

For those who do not know/do not remember, the file size for the PS4 alpha was around 30GB and this seemed on the heavy side for sure. 

However, with the rumored size of 200GB and this does not include Warzone; one can wonder how massive the actual game is going to be when it releases.

It would not surprise us if the game is pushing 300GB when it fully releases later this year, and fans have become accustomed to these numbers by now.


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Any More News? 

As of now, we do not know the official file sizes for the beta which is set to release in a few weeks. 

We can speculate that the official numbers are going to be revealed just days before the beta releases.


If you are looking to check it out on PC you will be able to on October 15th; which is the first weekend players who are not on PS4 will be able to check it out!

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