Apex Legends Season 6 COUNTDOWN LIVE: Latest News, Updates, Leaks And Rumours

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The sixth season of the widely popular battle royale Apex Legends is nearly here.

As we countdown the days towards launch, we'll be covering the latest news, updates, leaks and rumours right here.


This season is gearing up to be one of the best in quite some time, so we are excited to walk you through the next couple of days!

Latest News

Update Is Now Live - 18th August

The update is now rolling out to consoles and PC!

The update is 10.32GB on PC (some players are receiving a 41.63GB update as the game needs space to decompress).

The new update is 41.3GB on Xbox One and 23.16GB on PS4.

Battle Pass Items - 17th August


Check out all of the items in the Battle Pass for Season 6 right here!

Mozambique Getting 4 Bullets? - 17th August

In the recent Battle Pass trailer, Mozambique can be spotted holstering 4 rounds in the chamber.

Does that mean we're getting a buff to the Mozambique in the patch notes?

Season 6 Battle Pass Trailer - 17th August


Patch Notes - 17th August

With the new update arriving tomorrow, we've got a lot of changes coming.

Check out our patch notes preview here.

Loba Buff - 17th August

Loba is getting a much overdue buff after her popularity has plummeted over the course of Season 5.

Check out the details here.


Rampart's Weaknesses Revealed - 17th August

While we're all excited to see how good Rampart is in the world of Apex, the devs have already knocked her down a peg or two.

Many believe the crafty modder is going to be overpowered and could disrupt the balance in the game.

Respawn Designer Daniel Klien, took to Reddit in an AMA to reveal Ramparts weakness, putting players minds at ease.

"Grenades are truly the bane of Rampart's existence," Klein said.

Read all about it right here.


Season 6 Release Times - 17th August

Here's when you can expect to get the Season 6 update in your region:

  • 10pm PST (17th August)
  • 12am CST (18th August)
  • 1am EST (18th August)
  • 5am GMT (18th August)
  • 6am BST (18th August)
  • 1pm ACT (18th August)
  • 2pm JST (18th August)
  • 3pm AET (18th August)
  • 5pm NZST (18th August)

Rampart Abilities Trailer - 16th August

New Teaser

A new teaser has appeared on the Apex Legends map, this one is posted by Twitter user OvtavioSilva and can be viewed down below!

— Octane (@OvtavioSilva)
August 8, 2020



Season 6 Launch Trailer

Check out the season 6 launch trailer featuring Apex's newest legend Rampart!

Source: Apex Legends YouTube channel

New Map Teasers

In the below image you will notice that an engine has been placed rather awkwardly onto the map. Players have noted this is the third map in the season teasers for the potential of a new map coming this season.



This is not the only map teaser we have seen in the leadup to the new season. 

A crane has appeared on the Worlds Edge map at the Sorting Factory, south of the Fuel Depot.

The orange crane is holding a piece of machinery, almost as if something is being built.

The first teaser we saw on the map was an advertisement of Hammond Robotics that started appearing all over the map.

Keen fans of the game have reckoned there is going to be some sort of rocket built in the coming days!


Anything Else

Respawn has been rather quiet in the leadup to the new season, as expected.


However, new teasers are appearing every day; and with the new season launch trailer releasing just a few days ago, we can suspect more news soon!