Apex Legends Season 2 Battle Pass: Ranked Leagues Details Explained

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Up until now, Apex Legend players of all types from beginners to veterans were all part of one pool. These players would then be thrown into Kings Canyon and away we go! While the random nature of who you’re put up against may seem fair, it can actually lead to some very unfair matchups. It’s unfair on newer players who are outgunned and unfair on veteren players looking for a challenge more in accordance to their skill level.

With Apex Legends Season 2 release at 6PM BST today, players can now compete in Ranked Leagues. The inclusion of ranked matchmaking is a push towards increasing the quality of the game and providing a sense of achievement. Think of the pride one gets when reaching Global in CSGO or Diamond in League of Legends. It should be no different for Apex Legends. 

How do Ranked Leagues work? 

Ranked Leagues are made up of SIX tiers:

  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Platinum
  • Diamond
  • Apex Predator

Photo courtesy of EA

Each tier contains four divisions. Players will earn Ranked Points (RP) through kills and wins. 

All players at the start of the Series will start at Bronze and accumulate RP in order to rise and fall within a given tier. You can’t be demoted into a lower tier so once you reach Gold then you can’t fall back into Silver. You can lose your division rank though. Every Ranked match you play will cost RP to play according to your tier so if you don’t make up the difference in-game then you will head closer towards demotion.

Leaving the game early won’t help if a game isn’t going your way. Penalties have been added for players who abandon their teammates and will result in that player being banned from joining other games for an escalating amount of time. And yes, this also translates over into the character select screen so you can no longer abandon a game when someone takes your favourite character.

For more information, you can get a full read on Electronic Art’s website.


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Written By

Oliver East