Apex Legends Season 2 Battle Pass Details: Release Date, New Legend, Legendary Weapon, Legendary Skins, Ranked And More

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EA gave Apex Legends lots to be excited about after their E3 2019 conference at EA Play, with the powerhouse developers not holding back in announcements.

With the hype surrounding the latest in-game event ‘The Legendary Hunt', players are excited to hear  all about the Season 2 Battle Pass. EA announced multiple pieces of Apex Legends content to be released in the Season 2 Battle Pass, from a call back to an old EA classic and a new legend ‘Wattson’ available to players soon. The season pass will be released on the 2nd July 2019.


Fans were not left disappointed and the future is bright for the developing esport and battle royal.

New Legend - Wattson

When the Season 1 Battle Pass released earlier this year, Respawn Entertainment released a new legend in the form of “Octane”. Perceived well by the majority of the community, Apex Legends is continuing their trend with the announcement of new legend “Wattson”. In the trailer shown at EA Play, Wattson is a defensive orientated legend whose past is based on being an electrical engineer.


In Wattson’s player model, you can see the lightning bolt symbol on her jacket along with electrical coils attached to her back.

It was shown in the trailer that she can place electrical defensive walls to hinder enemy fire, although we do not know the full details on her abilities, Wattson adds to the evolving storyline that Respawn is creating with their legends.

The announcement trailer depicted the narrative behind Wattson’s relationship with her father, the two built the Apex Arena; Respawn also added how different and important she is to the story of Apex Legends.


New Weapon - L-Star

Apex Legends also announced a new weapon coming to Kings Canyon, with the Season 2 Battle Pass. The “L-Star” was a gun introduced in Titanfall 2, which was another fan favourite game from EA, has been reincarnated as a legendary variant; meaning it can only be obtained from care packages found across the map.

For players who did not play Titanfall 2, the L-Star will be different from any other weapon currently in play, dealing more damage than most assault rifles it will be interesting to see how the L-Star will affect the meta.

Cosmetics Galore

One of the biggest issues with the Season 1 Battle Pass was the lack of unique cosmetics, ones that would make fans jaws drop and urge players to purchase the battle pass to acquire these skins.


Respawn announced four legendary skins that can be unlocked as you progress in the Season 2 Battle Pass: Prince of Darkness skin for Caustic and a Jade Tiger skin for Octane is just half of the skins players can unlock (with the Prince of Darkness pictured below). There will also be more skin cosmetics including the Spitfire skin called The Intimidator and the Iron Rampage skin for the R-301.

Ranked Playlists

Another announcement coming to Apex Legends is their own iteration of a ranked playlist. Players will now have an opportunity to stack up against some of the best that King’s Canyon has to offer.

This is a great opportunity for Apex to progress forward, after a fantastic launch, and seperate it from other battle royale games.



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Written ByNick Farrell@NickFarrell91