Apex Legends: Patch Update 6.11.2019 - Bug Fixes, Circle Changes, Config Commands And More

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Respawn Entertainment is rolling out a new patch off the back end of their EA Play segment, which they detailed the Season 2 Battle Pass along with the announcement of a new legend; Wattson. This comes during the latest in-game limited time event 'The Legendary Hunt'.

Posted on Reddit by Respawn community manager “u/JayFresh_Respawn” the patch will be a sign of joy for avid Apex players, acknowledging numerous amounts of bugs that players have discovered. Respawn is yet again proving that good developer communication leads to a happy player base.

New Config Commands

Respawn detailed, in their post the addition of multiple commands players will now be able to manually enter into their config in game.

  • Fps_max -> Allows players to cap their fps at their desired max to help stabilize any fps issues.
  • Mat_letterbox_aspect_goal
  • Mat_letterbox_aspect_threshold

The most noteworthy new command would certainly be the fps config, often we see players capping their fps at 160-240 if their PC will allow it.

Circle Changes

Also new to Apex Legends is the updated damage per circle tick which was implemented yesterday. In another Reddit post their reasoning behind these changes were:

“In an attempt to curb the behavior of camping outside the circle to wait out the match and get top 5 in the Apex Elite Queue.

The new circle changes are now live in Apex Legends which has increased circle damage for all circles.

  • First circle now does 15% damage per tick
  • Second circle now does 20% damage per tick
  • Remaining circles now do 25% damage per tick.

Circle Damage has been increased in Apex Legends

Multiple Bug Fixes

It has become a common trend nowadays for Reddit users to post in-game footage or written posts about bugs they have experienced throughout their adventure in King’s Canyon. Now, Respawn is addressing multiple notable bugs found within their game. There were the usual bug fixes such as audio bugs which can be found here.

  • Fixed exploit where you could repeatedly place Caustic’s Nox Gas Traps with no cooldown.
  • [PS4 Only] Fixed bug with in-game reward message not displaying the right image for PlayStation Plus subscribers [previously this was showing an orange and purple checker image instead of the right asset].
  • Resolved a number of localization issues for Xbox and PS4.
  • Fixed issues with items sorting incorrectly when looting a death box.
  • Fixed issues related to heavily decreased accuracy when ADS and sliding.

From audio bugs with Octane’s Jump Pad to looting errors when sorting enemies, Apex fans praised these changes in the developer post. Respawn Entertainment continues in providing fantastic communication and frequent updates and with Season 2 right around the corner players should be optimistic about the future of Apex.

Multiple bug fixes come to Apex Legends including Octane's jump pad audio

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Written ByNick Farrell@NickFarrell91