Apex Legends: Limited Time Event & Season 2 Battle Pass Details

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EA is striving to release original content to keep its player based satisfied at all times. June will be a big month for Apex as they have announced they are implementing a unique event that will be available for all players to partake in for two weeks.

Why fight two teams in #ApexLegends when you can make them fight each other? ??️ Slendizxle via Reddit pic.twitter.com/9VMA2r4LgM
— Gfinity Esports (@Gfinity)
May 31, 2019

Apex Elite Queue

The Legendary Hunt event will feature a unique game mode titled “Apex Elite Queue”, where players can test themselves against other players similar to a ranked game mode feature in titles such as Call of Duty and Counter-Strike.


Once the battle royal in Kings Canyon has finished, the top five players in the lobby will have an opportunity to queue with other players who also finished in the top five.

In a true test of skill, you will need to continue to place top five in order to keep stacking up against one another. Also accustomed to the Legendary Hunt event will be a special set of challenges where players have a chance to earn unique rare, epic and legendary gear such as the Epic Master Bloodhound skin.

Image courtesy of EA

Double XP Weekend

For players already owning the Apex Legends Season One battle pass, Apex has significantly reduced the time it’ll take for players to reach Tier 100. Running from June 7th 10:00 am PST till June 10th 10:00 am PST, Apex will be running a double XP weekend for everyone. The double XP will also be counted towards battle pass progression so you can level up your battle pass faster. Another feature kindled to Battle Pass owners is a reward system, for each day if you place top five on a match you will automatically unlock your next battle pass tier.


New Skins

Apex Legends has some of the best cosmetics in recent history and to a pleasant surprise, they have announced a surplus of skins to be released during this event. The Apex Legends store will be rotating a new Legendary Hunt skin every three to four days, giving players ample time to decide whether or not they should purchase these one-time skins.

Another feature available to battle pass owners is a new Wraith Night Terror Legendary skin; awarded to players who have reached tier 15 in the current battle pass. If you also own the Wild Frontier battle pass, Apex will gift you a new R-301 skin called ‘Legendary Honored Prey’, which is surely one of the best-looking gun wraps in the game.

Image courtesy of EA


Season 2 Battle Pass

Although Apex has released little news about Season 2 thus far, they gave an insight on some things to expect before their official announcement on June 8th at 10:00 am PST. They have listened to the community and their feedback regarding the Season 1 battle pass, which will be a delight to active players eager to dive into Season 2.

They have announced mor legendaries to be added into the battle, recurring every 25 levels. Also, once you've reached the max tier of 100 you will unlock an evolving weapon skin with a special recolour feature at tier 110. The community was rather irate at the fact that the Season 1 Battle pass had stat trackers and badges as part of the premium portion, Apex has heard the community and will be removing these rewards for the Season 2 pass also.

The final addition announced for Season 2 is that you can now earn enough crafting materials from a legendary item. EA’s Lead Product Manager commented on this change


“We’re replacing the Voice Lines with Crafting Metal rewards. You’ll now be able to earn enough Crafting Metals (1,200) to craft the Legendary item of your choosing. So, if there’s an existing item you’ve been coveting, you’ll be able to get it in Season 2. You can still get additional Crafting Metals from the various Apex Pack rewards in the Battle Pass as well.”

Are you excited for the Season 2 battle pass and the new Legendary Hunt event?


Written ByNick Farrell@NickFarrell91