Apex Legends: FACEIT Pro Series Week 4 Recap

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Week 4 of the Apex Legends FACEIT Pro Series, took place last Friday. Last week's exciting conclusion set up for another action packed evening and with Season 2 of Apex Legends coming this week, it's an exciting time to for it's future in esports.

This week was the first time a previous champion was crowned victor yet again, some notable teams underperformed this week as the competition is starting to ramp up in the FACEIT Pro Series.

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What Is The FACEIT Pro Series?

For those who are unaware of what exactly the FACEIT Pro Series is, it is a series of tournaments featuring 16 teams. Fourteen of these teams have been invited by FACEIT and the other two teams qualified through a closed qualifier.

The Pro Series is broken down into eight separate days, also with a unique point system that is reminiscent of Fortnite’s current system. Each elimination will earn you and your team one additional point while the placement points are broken down into tiers:

1st = 10 Points2nd = 5 points3rd = 3 points

The FACIT Pro Series is played in public matches

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T1 Finish T1 (Again)


Week four of the FACEIT Pro Series saw the Korean based organization T1 become the first two time champion. While some notable big names such as NRG Esports dropped off this week, week four delivered some of the best action yet.

The roster consisting of Kurt, BcJ, and ZerG came out on top by only six points, barely taking the edge over second-place finishers Complexity Gaming. This week saw organizations such as NRG and Alliance drop off, although NRG produced some highlight clips, they were unable to find ground and failed to make a move up the standings.

Who needs teammates 🤷‍♂️ @LetMeAce@NRGggWatch #faceitAPEX on 📺 https://t.co/kUmQrr6O8dpic.twitter.com/IpMDUPH2CN
June 28, 2019

For T1 this propels them to the top of the Apex Legends esports world, having come out victorious in two out of the four weeks thus far; the opposition will be looking to take them down for sure in the coming weeks.

The top five included:


1st - T1 (2500 USD)2nd- Complexity Gaming (1250 USD)3rd - Fire Beavers (750 USD)4th - TSM (500 USD)5th - Team Liquid

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Written ByNick Farrell@NickFarrell91