Apex Legends Developers Want More “Non-BR” Modes

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Apex Legends almost instantly stood out from the crowd in the Battle Royale space.

The game, created by Respawn, was able to find new niches, focusing on a Trios game mode and introducing Hero Shooter elements to the BR formula.


It’s worked very, very well.

But could the Legends soon face off in a match different to the Apex Games?

According to lead developers, they’d love to introduce more non-BR modes to Apex Legends!

Could Non-BR Modes Come to Apex Legends?

This isn’t entirely impossible, given that they already have!


Apex Legends players were treated to Winter Express last Holo-Day Bash event in 2019.

Rather than having to simply outlive opponents, teams had to capture a train as it moved between different stations, using weapons preset for each Legend.

It was very well received, especially amongst the development team including Senior Game Developer Daniel Klein!


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When Will More Non-BR Modes Come to Apex Legends?

We honestly have no real indication right now.

We could expect some kind of mode similar to Winter Express to arrive in the game this year alongside 2020’s Holo-Day Bash event, but what about new modes entirely?


While Daniel Klein’s comments are interesting, he isn’t responsible for game modes, and instead is behind the design of the Legends themselves.

Though, while it may not be his purview, his opinion will likely be considered by Respawn and could turn into a more tangible result!

For now, though we will have to stick with the Battle Royale mode we have.

Though if the gameplay’s as goo as Apex’s, does that really matter?