Apex Legends Care Package Bug Lands On Olympus Map Season 7

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For as much as Apex Legends continues to grow and change, the game still feels a lot like the game it released as!

Not only is this a testament to how great the game was when it released, but also to the tenacity of bugs to never truly get patched out.


Yes, one of Apex’s oldest bugs which makes care packages unusable has returned!

Here’s everything we know about the glitch so far, and how you can try to avoid falling foul to the Olympus care package glitch!

What is the Olympus Care Package Glitch?

Throughout the match, care packages containing powerful loot will drop down onto the map.


The items are often of the game’s highest rarities, and can really turn the tides in a match.

Though, this Olympus care package glitch means they can almost have the reverse effect to how you’d expect.

They can land on pretty much any surface, but sometimes that can include ones outside the map.


Players are reporting that care packages are completely inaccessible in some cases, with the care packages also causing players to leap to their deaths.

Like a siren calling out to sailors in myths.

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Respawn have faced this issue on all three of Apex Legends’ maps now, showing that this glitch isn’t just an easy fix.


This could mean we may have to wait a little while for an Olympus fix!

But, to be honest, it’s now almost a rite of passage for Apex Legends maps at this point!

How to Fix the Olympus Care Package Glitch

Unfortunately, you’ll have to wait for Respawn to issue a fix via a patch or such for a full fix, but there are some practices you can adopt now!


Firstly, don’t just clamber over a wall on Olympus, many of them lead straight to a drop off the world.

Try to scope around so you can verify that you’ll before you leap.

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Additionally, be careful when calling in Lifeline’s care packages.


Try to use them in central areas of the map, or at least places where they aren’t prone to land somewhere you don’t intend!

And that’s all we have! We’ll keep you update as learn more about the Olympus care package glitch in Apex Legends.