Apex Legends 1.54 Patch Notes For PlayStation, Xbox And PC - Everything we know

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Apex Legends Season 7 is now well and truly underway, and we are likely to be receiving a patch anytime soon!

Players have been testing out the new locations with a variety of weapons and champions, so with all of that playtesting done, it’s time to tweak those nerfs and buffs!


Here’s everything we know about the v1.54 Patch in Apex Legends!

When is v1.54 releasing in Apex Legends?

We don’t know for certain, but the patch is planned for sometime in January.

This makes a lot of sense, December will have Holo-Day Bash Update dropping in the lead up to Christmas. So gives the devs more time to work out any fixes!

When exactly in January though is hard to say, we expect probably sometime in the middle, between the 10th and 20th.

This is a big window, and could very much be wrong, but it feels right to us, not super early after the last update but not too late into the season.

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What is coming in the v1.54 Patch?

Octane Buff

One thing we most likely will see are some Octane buffs.

The Legends received a few leading into Season 7, however, developers have said that the nerf to his Launchpad was, “unintentional.”

After a few reports from fans, and a direct question in a Reddit AMA, Daniel Klein, a Respawn Developer, said that while he didn’t notice any changes many players had.

They’ll work it out and include it in the January Patch!


Apart from this, we aren’t too sure on other details for buffs and nerfs.

Likely candidates would include, Wraith, Horizon and the Trident vehicle, given how new they are.

The Trident is fairly decently balanced, but with the right Legends, it can become a literal tank which decimates opponents.

Horizon also feels balanced but some slight tweaks might alter how she plays slightly to fit the developer’s vision better!

Clubs Glitches Fix

Clubs have been facing some glitches recently, with Creators being kicked out and their groups being disbanded with no explanation why.

The developers are apparently on the case though, as auto-deactivation clubs should only happen if they use inappropriate language.


Respawn have been trying to reinstate Clubs if they are brought to their attention, though a more permanent fix should hopefully come in the next 1.54 patch!

Possible Wraith Nerf

This nerf is likely coming in Season 8, as we reported here.

But we can hold out hope that it may drop sooner rather than later!

We’ll keep you updated as we learn more about upcoming patch details!