Announcing the HCS London 2017 FFA Tournament Format

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HCS London FFA Format



We wanted to make the Halo London FFA as inclusive as possible to allow all players an equal opportunity to be able to compete! The format of the FFA can be seen below:


FFA Format

  • Win 8 games to automatically advance into the FFA Semi-finals  
  • If there aren’t 12 players with 8 wins, advance the player(s) with the next most wins
  • 6-players per game
  • 1st place gets to stay at their station and continue playing
  • 12 minute game 
  • Rotating between 2 maps: Truth and Regret
  • Grand Finals is one game played on Truth


Tie Breaker Rules


If two or more players are tied, tie breakers are determined in order by the following criteria:

  • Most Kills
  • Most Assists
  • Least Deaths
  • Most Damage Dealt
  • Least suicides
  • Most Headshots
  • Most Perfect Kills
  • Most Power Weapon Grabs
  • Highest Accuracy