Announcing the Elite Series Street Fighter Broadcast Line-up

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Announcing the Elite Series Street Fighter Broadcast Line-up 

This coming Friday, 7th July, the Gfinity Elites Series starts at the Gfinity Esports Arena with the inaugural Street Fighter V tournament kicking off at 6pm. We know the 8 teams that are playing (see here for details) and today we are proud to introduce to you, the full talent lineup!


Joining our hosts Tom Deacon, Arielle and Yasmin on Fridays are the dulcet tones of;

Logan Sama

Up first is the legend himself, Logan Sama. You may recognise the English Grime DJ from his time on radio stations Rinse, Kiss 100 and BBC Radio 1Xtra, or as the face of London’s fighting game community. However, from the 29th of July onwards, Logan will be joining us at the Gfinity Arena for the Elite Series.

Femi ‘F Word’ Adeboye


Spend a moment with Femi ‘F Word’ Adeboye and his passion for all things Street Fighter is clear. He can often be found teaming up with Logan, with their highest profile showing being last year’s Capcom Cup, performing as the event’s official commentators.

Abe ‘ShoryuSengan’ Jarman

You're most likely to have come across ShoryuSengan from his extensive tutorial videos and success within the competitive scene. Most notably, he secured a seventh place finish in Ultra Street Fighter IV at Scotland’s Hypespotting event in 2015.

Jonathan ‘Tyrant’ Parkes


No doubt, Tyrant is a real gamer with a big passion for fighting games! Jonathan also hails from England and will be joining the Elite Series as part of our official Street Fighter V commentary team.

Zade ‘Zade’ Ramzi

This guy knows his Muay from his Thai and can often be found casting Street Fighter tournaments with Logan Sama and Femi ‘F Word’ Adeboye.

Samad ‘Damascus’ Abdessadki


A French competitor who lives in London, Samad ‘Damascus’ Abdessadki will bring his fighting games and football knowledge to the commentators desk. Who knows, he might even say something in French!

Jamil ‘Jammerz’ McKenzie

Another Londoner completes our full talent line-up for the Gfinity Elite Series for Street Fighter V. Again, his fellow commentators will be in great company as Jamil ‘Jammerz’ McKenzie is serious about his fighting games (as well as manga and anime). 

Tickets are available to purchase now, but with five days to go those remaining spots will go fast! More information on the event itself, as well as each of the different ticket options are available here


Photography by Stephanie "Vexanie" Lindgren.

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