Animal Crossing New Horizons Bug-Off September Guide: Rewards, How To Join, Bugs And Everything You Need To Know

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The next month of the semi-annual Bug-Off event is happening soon in Animal Crossing New Horizons.

Players are gearing up to prove they are the best at catching bugs.


Here's everything you need to know about September's event.


The September Bug-Off guide will only be happening in the Northern Hemisphere and will take place on September 26th!


An announcement will be made when you wake up that the event is taking place today.

You will have until 6:00 pm until the event ends!


The main objective and only rule of the event is to try and see how many bugs you can catch in three minutes!


So you better move fast or you will run out of time quicker than you may think.

High-Priced Bugs posted some of the high-priced bugs players will be able to catch this month during the event.

Below is a list of them along with how much and when you can find them!

  • Scorpion - 8000 Bells - 7pm - 4am
  • Goliath Beetle - 8000 Bells - 5pm - 8am
  • Rainbow Stag - 6000 Bells - 7pm - 8am 
  • Banded Dragonfly - 4500 Bells - 8am - 5pm 
  • Queen Alexandra's Birdwing - 4000 Bells - 8am - 4pm
  • Emperor Butterfly - 4000 Bells - 5pm - 8am 


The more bugs you catch during the event he more points you will collect.


Collecting 100 points will unlock the Bronze Bug Trophy, 200 for the Silver one, and 300 points for the Gold Bug Trophy.


Below is a list of items you can exchange for during the event thanks to

  • Bug Wand
  • Toy Cockroach
  • Toy Centipede
  • Termite Mound
  • Artisanal Bug Cage
  • Spider Web
  • Butterfly Backpack
  • Bug Aloha Shirt
  • Bug Cage
  • Ladybug Umbrella
  • Spider Doorplate
  • Butterflies Wall
  • Ladybug Rug