2015 Gfinity Championship series approaching 60 million views

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After 23 weekly tournaments, held in the six month period running from March to September 2015, covering five major eSports titles ranging from CS:GO through to Hearthstone, we are proud to have recorded 58.5 million views!

The Championship series culminated in our Champion of Champions event that took place at EGX from 24th - 27th September in the NEC in Birmingham, attracting 8.75 million views over four days.


These tournaments were streamed live on internet TV channels including Twitch, Gfinity.net and MLG.tv. The events, which were broadcast in 10 languages, were viewed in over 25 countries with viewers collectively watching in excess of 15.8 million hours of live content.

In addition, over 2 million unique people visited gfinity.net between January and October 2015, spending over 12 million minutes on the site to participate in eSports and read the latest gaming news. 63,36% of those visited from desktop, 25.30% from mobile and only 6.33% from tablet with the Apple iPhone, Apple iPad, Samsung Galaxy S IV and Samsung Galaxy S5 the most popular mobile devices.

Neville Upton, Chief Executive of Gfinity, said:

“Gfinity has quickly become regarded as one of the leading providers of eSports content. We are very pleased to have exceeded our target of 50 million views for the series, demonstrating our ability to attract the best players and talent and stage top quality eSports events. We look forward to continuing our rapid growth, within the fast developing global eSports industry and delivering equally compelling content and events in the future.”


Some of the biggest brands, such as BenQ, The Sun, GTOmega, Scuf Gaming and Astro were early to catch onto Gfinity’s popularity as an eSports platform and we’d like to thank these partners for supporting us now and in the future. Gamers around the world like to thank you too!