100 Thieves Announces Collaboration with Gucci

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100 Thieves and Gucci are partnering for a brief time to issue a brand-new bit of 100 Thieves merchandise, but only if you're a MyGucci member.

Fortunately, it costs nothing to create a Gucci account. Members will get access to the new item when it launches July 19, though there's no word on product limits or whether this is a limited-time deal.

There's also no telling how much the item will cost, though given Gucci's reputation for selling $200 socks, our eyes are already watering at the thought of how much it might be.


Good thing 100 Thieves has a new cash card that donates to charity.

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100 Thieves Announces Collaboration with Gucci

(That's a joke. We don't recommend going into debt for eSports merchandise.)

It's not the first time the team is making headlines recently either.

Earlier in 2021, 100 Thieves announced Valkyrae and CourageJD joined as co-owners, with plans to broaden the group's reach and expand its inclusivity.

Valkyrae is the team's first woman co-owner and hopes to make it easier for more women to excel in the eSports world.