How to Fix Escape From Tarkov Error 106015

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Wondering how to fix Escape From Tarkov error 106015?

You aren't alone.

Escape From Tarkov error 106015 often pops up after major updates in the game, and it prevents you from establishing a connection with Tarkov's servers.


Normally, Battlestate Games pushes a patch that resolves the problem, but if you're eager to play the game as soon as possible and don't want to wait, there are some workarounds.

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Note they're not the best way to play the game, and waiting for a fix is recommended.

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How to Fix Escape From Tarkov Error 106015

Reinstall and Run As Administrator

This is the easiest solution, but also the one least likely to fix the problem.

Sometimes, the bug is in the launcher, so deleting and reinstalling the game can occasionally help get things back to normal without waiting on a patch.

Make sure to run it as an administrator once the reinstallation is finished.


Use a VPN

Since error 106015 is a connection error, many people have found success using a VPN to get around Escape from Tarkov's server quirks.

You'll just need to choose an IP address that's compatible with the game's servers, and it probably goes without saying, but make sure it's not your existing IP address.

Use a Different IP Address

A more drastic approach is requesting your provider change your public IP address altogether.

If you do go this route, just be aware there's every chance the next Escape from Tarkov update could mess up your connection again.

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