Tom Cruise Is Filming a Movie in Space Next Year

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Tom Cruise has made a name for himself going above and beyond with his Hollywood stunts. Now, the superstar is taking his skills to a whole other stratosphere.

Variety confirms that the actor is cruising outside Earth for his next movie. This production will partially be filmed aboard the International Space Station, featuring actual footage of a rocket.

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Tom Cruise Is Filming a Movie in Space Next Year

Universal Pictures is collaborating with NASA and Elon Musk's SpaceX for the $200 million+ budgeted movie, with production set to begin next year.

Cruise is reuniting with Edge of Tomorrow director, Doug Liman while a script is yet to be written by fellow Mission Impossible collaborator, Christopher McQuarrie.

Tom Cruise hanging of the side of a building in Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol.
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Unsurprisingly for Cruise, plot details suggest an action-packed quest to save the world from a major threat:

This is not a sci-fi movie but rather an action-adventure story in which Cruise plays a down-on-his-luck guy, who finds himself in the position of being the only person who could save Earth.

This ambitious project will be the first of many shot on the outskirts of Earth. Space Entertainment Enterprise and Axiom are developing a space station module used exclusively for entertainment purposes. Expected to open by 2024, this facility will allow filming for movies and TV shows while hosting music and sports events.

Tom Cruise is currently wrapping up Mission Impossible 7 and 8, both of which have been pushed back several times due to COVID-19. Top Gun: Maverick is another casualty of the pandemic and will release later this year.

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