Timothée Chalamet Was an Xbox YouTuber Who Modded Controllers

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Timothée Chalamet's latest film, Dune was released last weekend to positive reception and a record-breaking box-office opening for Warner Bros. Pictures. Following the success of the Denis Villeneuve sci-fi epic, a sequel announcement was inevitable.

But prior to starring in oscar-nominated films and big-budget enterprises, Chalamet was a bit of a gamer. The actor used to mod and design Xbox 360 controllers on his YouTube channel, appropriately titled ModdedController360. Chalamet spoke more about his early business in an interview with Nate Hill.

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Timothée Chalamet Was an Xbox YouTuber Who Modded Controllers

For a short period of time in 2010, the actor designed various 360 controllers through a variety of themes. If you're planning your Christmas presents early, a 15-year old Chalamet has a video showcasing a holiday-themed controller that you can gift to a lucky gamer.

The actor starts every single video with "what's good YouTube", as shown with another video showcasing a modded 360 controller with a blue and silver design. The actor recently spoke to Fortnite player Nate Hill about his brief business. Humbly amassing an impressive $30, the actor had to close his shop permanently, at the request of his parents:

I made three. My parents were like, 'There's paint all over the house, you can't do this anymore.'

Though his channel only has 3 videos, maybe he can continue his modded work one day? Of course, when he isn't starring in Hollywood blockbusters. The full interview with Chalamet and Zendaya can be seen above.

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