The Lawyer For Mizkif And Other Streamers Takes On NFT Site Illegally Selling Twitch Clips

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Have you ever wondered why streamers, such as Matthew 'Mizkif' Rinaudo, no longer allow clipping on Twitch? The issue started with a site created by someone who claimed to be a former Twitch employee. The site it had permission to use clips from the streamers and paid them for the clips.

During the chat below, a viewer informed Mizkif of what was happening - but Mizkif had not been contacted about it. Kevin, the site owner, came on the stream to speak to Mizkif and other streamers. When Mizkif's lawyer joined the call, things took an unexpected turn.


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Mizkif Twitch Clips Sold Illegally

Copyright law is complicated, but not that hard to understand. If you do not have permission from the who owns the material, you cannot use it for advertising or profit. Apparently, no one told the owner of this Twitch NFT site, who claimed to Mizkif that he was using his and other streamer's clips fairly.

The lawyer begged to differ.


The juicy part that no one can clip right now is at 41:32.

I love the exchange here, but it gets even worse. If you want to watch the entire Twitch Stream, it's here, and that part starts at 1:44:35. You can tell Mizkif is pleased that he's caught the man and already has his lawyer at the ready.

Here's the exchange no one could have predicted:

Kevin: No, this wasn't me. This was the like--we accidentally had something listed that we shouldn't have.
Mizkif: Wait, what? Say it again; you had it accidentally listed?
Kevin: Yeah, so this was like accidentally listed, and someone bought the clip.
Mizkif: Oh so this one--So this one was completely illegal.
Kevin: … Yeah.

And then, the lawyer comes in, with a beautiful quote:

Mizkif: So I have uh, someone that is upset that would like to talk cause he's here.
Kevin: Uh, Let's talk.
Lawyer for many streamers: Hey, so I'm an attorney for Miz(kif) and others, but I was also Byron's. I have a very deep understanding of the NFT space. I have a very deep understanding of Copyright Law. Everything you're saying is not accurate. There's--There's years and hundreds of years of basic copyright law here… These things (NFTs) don't change basic copyright law. What you're doing is so not okay.

When lawyers get involved, they don't mess around. Mizkif is trying to be professional, but he appreciates that his lawyer is taking down this guy.


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Illegal NFT site taken down

Within a day, Kevin's site was gone. Not only that, but Twitter actually removed the site's Twitter account for breaking its Terms of Service. They claimed it was because of "people's concerns," but this video was a close to a real-life cease and desist order.

There have been instances of similar things happening, as Moist Cr1TiKal pointed out in his video. There is one thing we can all learn, and that's a simple fact: Permission is always necessary.