Early Leaked The Crow Footage Is Hated by Fans of the Original

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Fans' reactions to released footage of Aquaman star Jason Momoa may cause many to think that fans hate the casting. This is somewhat true, and it seems like most comments disagree with Jason Mamoa taking the lead role. It's not so much that Jason Momoa is playing the role of The Crow—it's that it's being remade at all.

While Jason Momoa and the original director, Corin Hardy, are believed to have left the film, a tweet has surfaced with some test footage that has everyone fuming. When this was filmed was not stated, but it's clear that Jason Mamoa is in character as The Crow.

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Jason Momoa as The Crow

A movie adaptation of a 1989 comic book series by Caliber Comics, The Crow, starred Brandon Lee as the titular character in a 1994 film directed by Alex Proyas. This is a darker comic book series about an undead avenger brought back to life by a crow after being brutally murdered with his fiancée.

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Fans praise the 1994 film's exploration of gothic themes with good reviews. Without a doubt, the movie is famous for Bruce Lee's son Brandon Lee dying as a result of a dummy bullet from a prop gun. While the movie is outdated in some areas, it still has a strong visual appeal today.

The tweet has made many viewers angry.

Jason Momoa as The Crow with Corin Hardy
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Credit: Corin Hardy's Instagram
Jason Momoa and director Corin Hardy

Is it justified for fans to be angry about a reboot? Certainly, and it is rare to find people who are content when something they like is redone. There are, therefore, many disgruntled fans. However, this is just a new film, not a replacement.

No one can replace Brandon Lee, and no argument will convince me otherwise. Even though Heath Ledger played the Joker brilliantly, Jacquin Phoenix also did a fantastic job. The situation is different, but the whole project is still in a weird limbo for now.

Still, this early footage can be seen as a test screening, and it didn't go well.

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