The Batman Changes a Piece of Catwoman’s Lore

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Certain things remain the same about Bruce's childhood for those who have read the Batman comics. The death of his parents, his immediate acceptance of this role, and Alfred's role as a father figure seem to have never changed. The new Batman movie synopsis, however, seems to change a few things.

In addition to knowing the Riddler as a child, Batman also seems to have known Selena Kyle.


The Batman Catwoman

To quote the synopsis:

"The appearance of his childhood friend Selina Kyle alias Catwoman creates additional emotional confusion in the angry fighter for justice."

The new dimension they're adding doesn't bother me at all. This will give Batman pause, just like Catwoman has done for him in the past. It will, however, be strange to see how they know each other.

Batman standing in red. Catwoman standing in blue.
Credit: Warner Bros.
The Batman Poster

They couldn't have been neighbors or schoolmates because Selena Kyle is not rich, and Bruce attended prep school. I also hope this series doesn't pull a Dark Knight and introduce love interests that take away from Batman's character instead of adding to it. I would like to see a Catwoman that Batman tries to save from her criminal ways, like in the comics.

Not one that makes them copy Good Will Hunting's ending and stop crime committing, something Batman would never do.

What do you think? Am I way off base or do you want to see them redo The Dark Knight's Catwoman?