New Catwoman in The Batman Revealed in Pictures From Filming

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As the film nears release, The Batman reveals more and more. Since Catwoman was rumored to be in the movie, many have wondered what she will look like and how her cat personality will be displayed. It is great news for comic book fans that this movie has a lot more focus on the cat than the person.

Empire featured Zoe Kravitz's take on Catwoman and her process. Apparently, she studied real felines fighting to get a cat-like fighting style. While she looks great in the trailer, the picture released shows her in a much better light.


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The Batman new Catwoman

Empire was able to get this picture of Catwoman acting like a cat burglar.


You're probably wondering where the cat ears are. Something on the head covering looks like cat ears, but I think it is just the stitching. I'm sure this is before she completely takes on the look.

We know that this is the beginning of the villains and the character. Penguin is not yet the full-fledged mob boss he will be. As such, if they manage to capture Catwoman's style, then I think it's a great adaptation.

Empire cover with Catwoman.
Credit: Empire Magainze
Empire's most recent cover

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Now, this is a great look. It only takes the mask to make her a full-fledged Catwoman. The work that Kravitz put into making this character as accurate as possible makes her a great Catwoman.