Warzone Season 4: Shroud Headset, Mic and Keyboard and Mouse Setup

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After Microsoft’s decision to permanently shut Mixer, the streaming service’s huge signings, including Ninja and Shroud, were released as free agents.

While Ninja has made the jump to streaming on YouTube, Shroud has remained fairly quiet on his next steps, having not tweeted since 22 June.

As we all ponder his next steps, here’s a look at Shroud’s gaming setup that helped him rise to the top of the streaming community.


What Headset does Shroud use?

A high-quality headset is essential for any streamers or gamers, and it’s no different for Shroud.

Shroud uses the Logitech G Pro X Gaming Headset and, given its impressive specs, it’s no wonder.

This G Pro X features next-gen 7.1 surround sound and custom 50mm drivers to deliver the best sound imaging possible, making it perfect for anyone who wants to take FPS games like Warzone seriously.

The Logitech headset is popular amongst gamers and streamers alike, having almost sold out on Amazon already. You can pick up a pair from Curry’s for £110.00, but we’ve found that the best deal comes from Argos, where the headset is available for just £89.99.

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What Microphone does Shroud use?

Much like many of the other top streamers, Shroud uses the Shure SM7B mic.

This mic prevents any electronic hum or background noise from interfering with stream audio. Shure also boast that their recording equipment features a “highly effective pop filter” that “eliminates the need for any add-on protection against explosive breath sounds.”

As you’d expect for a mic of this quality, the SM7B is not cheap and will set you back £375.00.

Be Shure to pick this microphone up before it sells out!

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What Keyboard and Mouse setup does Shroud use?

To match his Logitech G Pro headset, Shroud uses both the Logitech G Pro wireless gaming mouse and the Logitech G Pro mechanical keyboard.

Logitech’s G Pro mouse provides a superfast wireless connection, delivering 16000 DPI tracking with a 1ms report rate. Its six programmable buttons will be sure to give you the advantage over any controller players (even with aim assist), and with its RGB lighting, will improve the overall aesthetic of your gaming setup.

CLICK HERE TO BUY:Logitech G Pro Wireless mouse- £116.99

To match the Logitech mouse, the G Pro mechanical keyboard is tailored for competitive gaming, with the mechanical keyboard offering professional-grade clicky switches for the best performance possible.

It’s available from Amazon for £86.40 which, for a high-level mechanical keyboard, is a bargain.

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