Marvel’s Secret Invasion Set Photos Reveal Samuel L. Jackson and Emilia Clarke

Secret Invasion features the return of Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury, while adding fresh faces to the MCU.

Spotted in Leeds, England, the beloved actor can be seen on set alongside Emilia Clarke (via @SInvasionNews).Jackson can be without his iconic eye patch this time around.

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Marvel’s Secret Invasion Set Photos Reveal Samuel L. Jackson and Emilia Clarke

Reprising his role as Talos from Captain Marvel, eagle-eyed fans also spotted Ben Mendelsohn besides the Pulp Fiction star. But this time around, the actor can be seen as a human, contrasting his usual form as a Skrull.

Secret Invasion also marks the introduction of Emilia Clarke to the MCU, who also took part in the filming. The Game of Thrones actress was also seen joining Cobie Smulders for a walk, who reprises her role as Maria Hill in the show.

There is much speculation as to who Clarke will play in Secret Invasion. But as everyone knows, Marvel tends to keep character and story details close to their chest. Fellow British actress and Academy Award Winner, Olivia Coleman, is also set to feature in the show, though she wasn’t seen on set.

Secret Invasion isn’t the only upcoming MCU show coming to Disney+, as Ms. Marvel and She-Hulk are set to premiere in 2022. Moon Knight is due to come before those tales and gave fans their first look at the project recently.

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