Ryan Reynold's Movie, Free Guy Has A New Trailer And Release Date

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Ryan Reynolds has finally completed his movie, Free Guy. I am so happy to see this movie come to life; it's about a video game character who has become self-aware. Reynolds is a great actor to watch or hear in his movies because he is such an icon in both gaming and nerd/pop culture.

It had been a long time since I heard of this movie, but I guess the acquisition of Fox by Disney had made it take longer. I am glad to see it back in the world because the concept is excellent. That's the kind of story I would like to see, and only someone like Ryan Reynolds or Chris Pratt could pull it off.


Let me tell you more about Free Guy

Reynolds' character, who is a video-game character, realizes one day that he is in a video game. To be the good guy, he decides to do good in the world, but his intentions aren't universally welcomed. Like most ill-fated NPCs, he wants to fight back.

The Free Guy will be released in theaters on August 13th, 2021. After 45 days, the rest of us who have grown beyond having to leave our homes for entertainment will be able to stream the movie. I'm a big fan of this hybrid because it appeals to both movie theaters and streaming platforms.


I no longer have to sit next to people who are loud or talk during the movie, just my wife and kids.

Free Guy will be interesting to see since it stars Ryan Reynolds. Ryan Reynolds has appeared in comic book movies such as Wolverine, Blade, Deadpool, and Green Lantern and video game movies like Detective Pikachu. It's a surprise that some don't realize he also owns Wrexham, a Soccer Club, making him a somewhat sports-cultured man.

Yes. I said Soccer. Because that's a British invented term for the sport:

I spit facts with evidence. British people invented the name for Soccer and then changed it to Football.
There are a lot of words that this happened to, did you know that the British developed the accent AFTER the American Revolution?

This is a movie that you have no excuse not to enjoy, so I hope that you all enjoy it when it comes out on August 13th, 2021 to theatres, or September 27th, 2021 for those of us who will stream it.