NICKMERCS Teases A Big Announcement With His Return

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On Twitter, NICKMERCS teased his return along with a "big announcement". Nick has been waiting to announce whether he will stay with Twitch or move to YouTube Gaming with TimTheTatman. It's anyone's guess at this point.

I've detailed in another article why I'm betting on YouTube Gaming. Even so, Nick is a big name, so Twitch had to offer him a large sum of money to keep him. There's no secret YouTube Gaming wants every big name to move to its platform.


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NICKMERCS YouTube Or Twitch

In the FPS streaming world, NICKMERCS has a big name that no one else can beat. He Co-owns one of the biggest organizations and has a huge following. To keep him, a large sum of money is required. Amazon and Google both have that kind of money.

Nick's contract ended last month if reports are to be believed, so we're all just waiting on him to make the confirmation.


Until he comes back, we won't know. Although, there's been a rumor that Twitch may give NICKMERCS part ownership of the company. That's ridiculous.

I don't know where the "part ownership of Twitch" rumor originated, but it won't be true. Twitch is not some Esports org that receives funds from another company. Twitch signs the checks, and they don't need anyone to give up ownership pieces. It's like saying the NBA would give a player part ownership for him to stay.

Anyway, we will write about the announcement as soon as it comes.