NICKMERCS Is In The New NFL Season 2021 Ad

Nick 'NICKMERCS' Kolcheff is an avid NFL fan and sports fan in general. Underarmor has made him a global ambassador, so it is no surprise that there is mutual love. In a Tweet, the NFL announced its return to glory by showcasing a video featuring the popular streamer.

The video shows NICKMERCS wearing a Buccaneers jersey, which makes sense since he is friends with Buccaneers player, Mike Evans. In the video, the streamer looks like a player himself, and most comments mention his appearance. As time goes on, it appears that the distance between Esports and regular sport is closing more and more.

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NICKMERCS NFL commercial for 2021 Season

NICKMERCS has taken the time to become a good friend of the NFL, and that's not just from this ad. The team Nick co-owns, FaZe Clan, has collaborated with the NFL on multiple products and works with them from time to time. For Nickmercs to get his own moment in the advertisement, their relationship must be good. As found by Dexerto.

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His appearance is being celebrated on Twitter by dozens of users, which he will undoubtedly appreciate. Several people have pointed out that Nick is going to stream the NFL season in 2021. Nick often hosts NFL streams for his fans to watch, and he will likely do it again this season.

The Buccaneers open the season against the Dallas Cowboys on September 9. Since this is Nick's team, he will most likely be rocking this same jersey at the stadium.

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