"The Biggest Deal of My Life" - NICKMERCS Announced That He Re-Signed With Twitch

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Nicholas 'NICKMERCS' Kolcheff has confirmed that he will continue to be a Twitch partner despite too much anticipation. Nickmercs recently went on vacation around the same time that his contract with Twitch was ending. He appeared on a Warzone stream with Tim' TimTheTatman' Betar to play, which confused many people.

This whole announcement has generated a lot of tweets, information, and just a lot of buzz. NICKMERCS posted a tweet and YouTube video confirming that he will remain a Twitch partner. Twitch offered Nick a lot to keep him, but many fans must be disappointed.


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NICKMERCS is staying with Twitch

Below is a video that shows a sword with the Twitch logo, NICKMERC's mascot, and a YouTube reference. The spartan takes his sword into battle. The only words in the clip are "Twitch.tv/NICKMERCS."


Nickmercs is huge, and it makes no sense that this wasn't a lot of money. I am so curious about what went into the deal. I used to think it was dumb that he would own a piece of Twitch, but now I'm not so sure. For Amazon to beat Google, it must have taken more than just dollar bills.

From what my buddy Jake at Esports Talk seems to have said, this is the biggest deal between streamer and platform.

That's right; I'm stating there might actually be some truth to the "NICKMERCS owns part of Twitch" rumors. Either they gave him seven figures, or they gave him a piece of the real pie. More to follow as the story reveals itself.