"Dirty Rat Energy, Both Of Ya." - NICKMERCS And P90 Princess Exchange Insults During Twitter Argument Over Huskerrs Drama

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NICKMERCS yelled at a viewer for saying that he wasn't making money from his videos. Nick even said he wouldn't have done it if the heckler hadn't asked for it. It became the talk of other streamers who already had a bad relationship with him.

Danielle' Fooya' Bosch posted a tweet with the video, which got a response from Ali AKA' P90 Princess'. Fooya was on NICKMERCS' side, but P90 Princess was not, and brought up a beef Nick had with Jordan' HusKerrs' Thomas. After Nick entered, things took an even wilder turn.


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NICKMERCS Against P90 Princess

To begin with, the tweet was quite innocent. Fooya posted a tweet supporting NICKMERCS' flex against the viewer. That triggered a back and forth with P90 Princess, who didn't appreciate Nick's move.

Nick's catchphrase "peace and love" was commented by Princess P90, followed by a clown emoji. Essentially, NICKMERCS is being called a clown and a hypocrite. She pointed out that Nick, who says "peace and love," still takes down those who go too far when smack-talking him.


It went like this:

Fooya: Normalize flexing on people who shit talk your stream/viewership
P90 Princess: peace & love tho [clown emoji]
Fooya: Eh, also toxic people don't deserve respect back.
P90 Princess: It's true, but this is his go-to thing to flex to people. He did it to HusKerrs too. It's wild.

NICKMERCS came in and clearly did not appreciate being called a clown on a now-viral tweet thread. The following is his and P90 Princess' response:


Look below for more information on the beef between HusKerrs and Nick.

P90 Princess then tweeted that people should be kind because you never know what they are going through. She also posted a Direct Message from someone who referenced her saying that Nickmercs' flexed too much. It is very rude and cruel, so trigger warning for those who do not want to read hate messages.

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Nick and HusKerrs Drama

It is important to note that no one knows exactly what went wrong between NICKMERCS and HusKerrs. We only know that both sides agree that this has been going on longer than their audience was aware of. HusKerrs tweeted this only a few months ago:

According to the tweet, they should squash it. Several things are mentioned, including Nick's Video. I highly recommend reading Huskerr's perspective as it provides a detailed account. On the other end, Nick gives a piece of his account while telling viewers not to harass P90 Princess just months ago.