Netflix Gains 44 Million New Subscribers in The Last Quarter

Netflix holds its position as one of the world's biggest streaming platforms after listing a massive 4.4 million subscriber gain over the last quarter.

As seen on their newest financial report (thanks GameSpot), Netflix surpassed their goal last quarter of having an additional 3.84 million subscribers. Some factors contributing to the significant rise of their subscriber base include the delayed releases of some of their content, which led additional viewership when it finally launched.

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Netflix Gains 44 Million New Subscribers In The Last Quarter

Netflix also revealed some new metrics they will use to measure growth and success. GameSpot says that the company would shift "to reporting on viewership by hours watched instead of the number of accounts viewing a title."

They also reiterated their ongoing venture in game development, with plans such as the arrival of Arcane - the League of Legends-based animated series -, as well as their acquisition of Oxenfree and Afterparty creators Night School Studio.

Of course, Netflix is also home to several adaptations of games, including The Witcher, Cyberpunk 2077, and potentially even a live-action Pokémon series at some point.