Mr Beast Is Using $100,000 And Reddit To Enter The Stock Market

Jimmy Donaldson, better known online as Mr Beast is known for being the money man of YouTube.

With many challenges and campaigns containing a huge monetary investment, he's constantly doing bigger and crazier things.

Well, this could be his boldest move so far...

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Mr Beast Reddit Stock Market Investment

Reddit is full of subreddits - groups made up of different communities with similar interests.

You probably haven't heard of /r/WallStreetBets so we are going to tell you about it.

It's a subreddit with over a million users who have an interest in stock markets, they use this forum to share about their wins/losses.

Mr Beast recently discovered this community, he has decided to put $100,000 into the stock market and he wants the members to invest the money for him.

He posted by the name 'MrBeast100kinvest' and will choose which Redditor to team up with based on whichever is the top reply.

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It's currently the top post on /r/WallStreetBets, which isn't surprising as many know who the YouTube star is.

The admins of the subreddit had to put up a disclaimer to tell Redditors to invest responsibly and not to just do what people tell you to, as MrBeast is.

They also stated that MrBeast cannot pay the chosen member he takes advice from as it is against U.S. law.

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The chances of MrBeast being successful are very slim but it's not like it will do any damage to his wallet if it fails!

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