Moist Cr1TiKal and Ludwig Expose Cheap Twitch Streaming Contracts

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Cr1TiKal and Ludwig have a lot to say about Twitch contracts, and it's not very good. We've seen several Twitch streamers leave the service for YouTube, and we've heard that more will follow. The reason seems to be that the contracts themselves aren't very competitive.

YouTube and Facebook have no problem giving streamers who are famous more money in this kind of streaming war. Ludwig, the sixth-highest earner on Twitch, was offered more money by YouTube, and Twitch "didn't want to fight for him," according to Moist Cr1TiKal. Twitch doesn't seem to care much about losing bigger streamers.

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Twitch loses Ludwig

Lüdwig said multiple times that many streamers were moving to YouTube from Twitch, but it was hard to believe he was one of them. The reason he is leaving the Twitch platform is money, according to a YouTube video he posted.

Moist Cr1TiKal runs a company that represents streamers, and he explained Ludwig's situation while watching his goodbye. Twitch pays ten times less than any other service, according to reports. "Twitch contracts, on average, are a 10th of what most other contracts will offer, so when you see a lot of people switching platforms, a lot of the time it'll be due to the money."

He continues by explaining that they don't really fight for streamers:

As a follow-up, Moist Cr1TiKal on xQc possibly leaving:

What do you think? Is Twitch letting too many people go, or are they so big that they can just keep making stars?

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