Ludwig Claims "A Bunch" of Streamers Will Soon Switch From Twitch To YouTube Gaming

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Many big-name streamers have switched from Twitch to YouTube Gaming. Tim' TimTheTatman' Betar and Benjamin' DrLupo' Lupo are just two of the most recent ones. Ludwig' Ludwig' Ahgren, however, claims there will be "a bunch" more.

There will be a mass exodus from Twitch to YouTube Gaming. Ludwig also confirms how YouTube is taking away Twitch's viewers and that it has everything to do with the money the parent companies provide. It makes sense because those who work for Google and those who work for Amazon generally have very different experiences, and it's the same for Twitch and YouTube.


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Streamers leaving Twitch for YouTube Gaming

Ludwig said more streamers would leave YouTube Gaming because of the high-quality contracts they offer. Twitch doesn't provide their creators this kind of support, despite being owned by Amazon. A company like Google invests in its employees more and is generally more ethical.

(Start the video at 00:59:02, found by Dexerto)


In my article about NICKMERCS leaving for YouTube Gaming, I mentioned that YouTube offers better contracts than Twitch. Before Ludwig stated it, I knew it because Jack' CouRageJD' Dunlop had already said that the contract gave him enough freedom to take care of his family. That's a big reveal for what Twitch wouldn't provide to its streamers that YouTube will.

To quote Ludwig:

"I will say, there's gonna be a bunch more people soon. I can't leak… But I think a bunch more people are going to leave Twitch for YouTube… But I think a bunch more people are leaving mainly because there are zero good contracts coming from Twitch's end."

Ludwig's story interests me a great deal. He has played with Gorillaphent, H20 Delirious, CartoonZ, and many other streamers when he played Among Us. Recently, he's done a lot of chess streams, so he can be close to many people.


It might even be him. In the coming months, we will see who leaves.