Jake Paul takes a beating from Floyd Mayweather and his bodyguards after the YouTuber steals the champ's hat

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Floyd Mayweather and Logan Paul intended to have a successful boxing conference on May 6th, but Jake Paul had other plans. The primary purpose of fight conferences is to hype up the boxing match, there may be some things that happen, but most people keep to the main event, hyping the fight. Jake Paul took the time to promote merchandise.

It's hard to say that this wasn't planned because of the weird outcomes. Even though Floyd Mayweather's reaction seems very real, Jake Paul's merchandise was out literally hours later. Although, Jake appears to have taken a real beating due to stealing Floyd Mayweather's hat from on top of his head.

Jake Paul took Floyd Mayweather's hat

After the conference for the Logan Paul Floyd Mayweather hat, Jake Paul and Floyd got into an argument. This argument was to hype up the idea of both brothers being on the card or something to that degree. Out of nowhere, however, Jake Paul took Floyd Mayweather's hat and began running away.



The former Disney star yelled "Gotcha hat!" repeatedly as he began to take a real beating from Floyd Mayweather and his army of bodyguards. It wasn't enough to leave a mark, leading many to believe that this was completely staged.

Logan Paul and Jake Paul continue to keep attention to the boxing world

Mike Tyson said that the Paul brothers saved boxing because it was getting beaten by MMA. Boxing has become very popular again thanks to Logan and Jake Paul, but for the wrong reasons. Boxing is a shadow of what it once was and has been reduced to staging things like this.

Let's look at this from an objective view: They're attempting to sell the world a real champion boxer against an amateur and his brother. Although neither Jake nor Logan Paul has actually faced an actual boxer before, they're putting on a show as if they have.


Jake and Logan Paul may be very good amateur boxers, but so many others are as well. The true talent of a boxer comes from his or her hard-earned experience against other boxers. If Floyd Mayweather wanted to, he could wipe out both of his brothers, but that wouldn't make money.

One of the newest goals for boxing is to use significant influencers, such as Logan and Jake Paul, KSI, and others, to enthrall an audience and promote the sport. This event has recently demonstrated how fabricated boxing has become, and people aren't here to prove their athletic ability, just trying to make a big payday and leave. It won't be hard to imagine something like this occurring again just to keep interest in the fight alive.