Hawkeye Deleted Scene Shows Kingpin After The Avengers New York Battle

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Hawkeye introduced Hailee Steinfeld as Kate Bishop while bringing back Kingpin, three years after his last appearance in Daredevil. Though he was primarily seen in the last episode, it seems like more footage was left out of the final cut.

A deleted scene comes to us from MarcLeStrange Ⓥ, detailing more information about Kingpin's deeper connection to the Bishop family. The clip reveals Eleanor Bishop (Vera Farmiga) had contact with Vincent D'Onofrio's character, following the death of Kate's father.

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Hawkeye Deleted Scene Shows Kingpin After The Avengers New York Battle

This confrontation takes place straight after the New York battle, which took place in The Avengers and served as inspiration for Kate to pick up a bow.

It's somewhat unusual this segment was removed, as the conversation reveals further context about how Eleanor Bishop became intertwined in Kingpin's dealings. Rather, it reveals that the relationship between the two figures dates back almost a decade, emphasising the Daredevil villain's shadowy presence throughout the MCU.

Kingpin was last seen being confronted by Maya Lopez on the verge of death, though his fate still remains a mystery.

Many suspect the menacing figure will pop up in Disney+'s Echo, along with the return of Lopez and The Devil of Hell's Kitchen, following Charlie Cox's appearance in Spider-Man: No Way Home. As for Clint Barton and Kate, the future looks bright for the duo of archers.

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