New collection of stories based on The Empire Strikes Back contains a Knights of the Old Republic Easter egg

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A new short-story collection celebrating The Empire Strikes Back is out next month. This past May marked the film’s 40th anniversary.

The anthology will feature 40 stories from as many authors, including Rogue One screenwriter Gary Whitta, Waypoint Radio’s Austin Walker, Tracy Deonn, Hank Green, Amy Ratcliffe, and John Jackson Miller, who wrote the Knights of the Old Republic comic-book series.


On Twitter, author Mike Chen has teased some details about his contribution — a short story called “Disturbance,” written from the viewpoint of the saga’s big bad, Emperor Palpatine.

“I wove a few Easter eggs into my [Certain Point of View] Palpatine story: the [Episode III] novel, Rebels, KotOR,” Chen said. KotOR being the nickname given to BioWare’s beloved 2003 RPG, Knights of the Old Republic.

“Also, Doctor Aphra is good prerequisite listening. Can’t wait for all of you to discover what’s really happening here.”

The briefest of excerpts, published by the Del Rey Star Wars Twitter account, reveals that this is a story about the vision Palpatine saw in the Force during Episode V.


In the Marvel Comics run by Kieron Gillen, from 2015, Vader found out about his son from the bounty hunter Boba Fett. Until now, it’s been left fairly open-ended in terms of how Palpatine learned of Luke Skywalker’s identity.

“Much as the Force spoke to the rebel pilot who destroyed the Death Star, it revealed itself to Palpatine here. Not by guiding the launch of torpedoes, but with a vision,” the excerpt reads.

“What Palpatine saw in the Force should have frightened him.”

Force visions and ancient Sith are the name of the game in Knights of the Old Republic — not just an all-time great Star Wars game but an integral part of the lore within that universe, as well as the fandom surrounding it.


KotOR II’s Darth Nihilus is getting an action figure this year. Darth Revan, the player character from the first Knights of the Old Republic, just got a prop-quality replica lightsaber.

Knights of the Old Republic is the Star Wars story — like a few Sith Lords I can think of — that simply refuses to die.

The book is out November 10 from Del Rey.