CouRage And Lando Norris Team-Up And Use The Worst Warzone Loadouts In History

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Warzone is one of the most popular games right now and so, many people choose to make videos of and stream the game.

Regular content can become repetitive, so creators are tasked with coming up with new and interesting ideas.


Lando Norris, McLaren Formula 1 driver, teamed up with YouTuber Jack ‘CouRage’ Dunlop to do a challenge using the worst loadouts in Warzone.

Here's what happened.

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CouRage And Lando Norris Team-Up

Many content creators will create challenges, usually surrounding the best loadout and showing how they fare in a match.


Well, CouRage (Jack) and Lando Norris took a completely different route, instead, they used the worst loadout during a warzone match.

Courage's loadout contained an AK47, he picked this due to the strong recoil, he then picked a VLK Rogue shotgun with short-range.

Lando decided to pair the Origin 12 shotgun with a revolver, I feel sick just hearing that combination!


SOURCE: CouRage on Youtube

If it wasn't clear enough their loadouts were pretty awful, then came actually using them, CouRage tested the recoil on his AK and instantly realised just how terrible it was. 

Teammates NoahJ456 and BasicallyIDoWrk (Marcel) joined in on the fun (more like torture).

Marcel used the Code Breaker FR5.56 with a smokescreen underbarrel, Noah used a crossbow and shotgun.


The team somehow managed, with many failed attempts, to secure a win.

Jack and Marcel managed to get 4 kills, Lando got 3 and Noah reigned supreme with 12.

It's clear no ones really going to be using these loadouts but the video was entertaining and a good laugh, we look forward to seeing something similar in the future.