“Nowhere Near Qualified” - Call of Duty Pros Roast Myth for Saying Controller Pros Aren’t Top FPS Players

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In Call of Duty tournaments, players use both keyboard and mouse as well as controllers. A pro is unlikely to criticize a competitor for how they play because they know the skill still needs to be there. The debate has raged on with streamers, though, as they think they are on par with professionals.

Many streamers who are at a professional level didn't start out streaming, like Shroud, Ninja, and xQc, but instead were pros who retired. Even so, Myth, a notable streamer, said that controller players aren't among the top FPS players. As a result, many pros turned on Myth for insulting their friends, which led to Myth's quick apology.


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Call of Duty Pros

To start with, let me point out the tweet from Myth in response to the tweet from Dr Disrespect. The attack targets anyone and everyone who uses a controller. The fact that you're insulting professionals who use controllers isn't good since it's hard to find a pro who isn't amazing at their game.


There are way too many noteworthy tweets to include in one article. It was like the titans had been awoken and went to see what champion stood against them. Nadeshot, Scump, Clayster, and more told Myth he needs to calm down. Clayster's tweet was my favorite:

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Luckily, my friends at Esports Talk many of the tweets in one video:


Scump's point of view is one I agree with: it shouldn't matter. What does it matter what someone uses to play a game? They're having fun, and if you're skilled enough, you'll usually win.

Moreover, most pros do not start new accounts just to appear good against newer players. Many Call of Duty streamers do that to appear better than they are. Myth isn't the kind of streamer to do this but far too many do.