Ben Affleck Talks George Clooney Batman Rumours In The Flash Movie

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The Flash movie is bringing back Michael Keaton's iconic Batman and marking the return of Ben Affleck's portrayal. But many have been wondering if other actors will be re-slipping on the cowl, including George Clooney.

While promoting his next movie, The Tender Bar, on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Ben Affleck shed more light on The Flash. Kimmel also asked the star about the possibility of other Batmen popping up, specifically Bat-nipples himself.


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Ben Affleck Talks George Clooney Batman Rumours In The Flash Movie

Affleck is staring in Clooney's next directorial picture, The Tender Bar, so it's only right for the Good Will Hunting actor to be asked about Clooney's potential appearance. But, Affleck believes Clooney is not in the movie:

I can tell you, no. I don't believe he is. But, if he is, he hasn't told me.

But when asked if the Ocean's Eleven star might pop up, Affleck implies that it could very much be possible. The actor didn't see Michael Keaton on set during the six-month shoot, so George Clooney may have shot a few scenes in secret:

It's possible. He may be very guarded. As far as I know, he doesn't want to return to that level-height of cowl ears, but I don't believe he's in The Flash. But I didn't even see Michael Keaton.

George Clooney's Batman portrayal is notoriously slated by fans and even by George himself. In a Vanity Fair article, the Oscar Winner emphasized that he would never return to the role ever again:

I did one superhero movie and I f****d it up so bad they won’t let me near the set.

But Clooney could don the cowl once more, giving justice to his version and writing the wrongs done by Batman & Robin. I, for one, am all for it, but it's understandable if he doesn't want to revisit his most hated character.


Readers can find the Flash/Batman segment at 5:50:

You can check out Ben Affleck's full interview above, where he also talks about his misinterpreted interview with Howard Stern and his relationship with Jeniffer Lopez.

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