Are xQc And Adept Back Together? Adept Spotted In xQc's Home

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The breakup of Felix' xQc' Lengyel and Sam' Adept' was very public. Things appeared to end amicably, but xQc didn't want to discuss it on chat, saying, "it is what it is." As a result of the breakup, Adept moved out--or did she?

During a recent stream, xQc was seen speaking to a woman who sounded precisely like Adept. They talked about what to eat and maybe to order takeout. If they are just friends, then why is she there when he is streaming (working), and why has she been there so long that she is now hungry?


Are xQc and Adept together?

I know what you're thinking: What kind of takeout did they order? Italian is romantic, while burgers and pizza are casual. I get it; I'm wondering too! Although their arguments were public, they never felt very definite.

For more on when they were breaking up: xQc & Adept have heated real-life confrontation before ending both Twitch streams

For the video, look no further than right here.


xQc doesn't acknowledge it in his chat, as he doesn't want to draw attention to it. Let's just say that xQc said Adept and he were 'just roommates' before revealing that they were dating and barely mentioning when they broke up. Therefore, he doesn't make it known that he's in and out of relationships.

Sincerely, these two seem to like each other. The two of them tried to talk it out after fighting, and it didn't appear that they were even angry at the end. Platonic or otherwise, it is good to see they won't end up losing an important relationship.