Shroud lost $300,000 in a Mortal Kombat tournment to a player who spammed a single move

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Recently, Shroud found himself in a controversial position because of what occurred at a Mortal Kombat tournament. Shroud, C9 Keeoh, and other streamers participated in the tournament in hopes of winning $300,000. Even though Shroud lost with a smile, the method by which his opponent won caused a considerable uproar.

It is expected that players will try whatever they can to win cash prize tournaments. That includes using excessively powerful attacks. C9 Keeoh had no problem doing reusing and abusing a move to win.

In the clip above, you can see Shroud's good sportsmanship as he takes on Sheeva's stomp over and over again. Shroud tried hard to time his movements to C9 Keeoh's attacks, but it was of no use. C9 Keeoh ended up costing Shroud the tournament, and many fans were greatly disappointed.
Several fans joined C9 Keeoh's chat to complain, and C9 Keeoh apologized on Twitter for his actions.


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Many have stated that in a tournament to win $300,000, and no player should feel bad for doing whatever it takes. It would be different if this had been a friendly match, but this is a competition. Even Stroud himself did not seem to hurt over the situation.


This tournament was to win and Shroud didn't take it badly

This tournament wasn't filled with MK pros, but rather streamers who usually play other games, like Shroud. C9 Keeoh is known for playing Valorant and Shroud is known for playing many games, but Valorant is his current go to.

Some may agree that the outcome may not have been fun or all that fair, Shroud has yet to complain. Shroud must have had fun trying new things like Mortal Kombat 11 but maybe he should prepare better for tournaments by practicing against well-known abusive moves.