KSI renews promise to knock Jake Paul out after watching Ben Askren fight: "Fully knocking him out"

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Jake Paul has begun to make a name for himself in the ring by beating every opponent he's challenged. Jake Paul's latest fight with Ben Askren was his closest encounter to competing against a real boxer. In the first round, Jake Paul TKO'd Ben Askren, which is a sign of how advanced Jake Paul is as a boxer.

KSI has decided to call out Jake Paul, citing the Ben Askren fight as motivation. KSI seems to believe that he will be the one to finally knock out Jake Paul. KSI said:

"When I saw he knocked out Ben Askren, I got angry. There's a part inside of me that feels like I need to f**k him up to show how much of a fraud he is."

It may have started strong, but he ends with saying something to the effect of doing it in the future. The exact quote being:

"I wanna wait 'til I've got the album out, the deluxe, got the tour out of the way, shows, festivals… before I can get in camp and fight him."

Jake Paul might not entertain a fight with KSI anymore

KSI may not get the chance to fight Jake Paul because in February, Jake Paul said that he was done with KSI. According to Jake Paul, KSI was making excuses not to fight, which is a fair assessment of KSI's statement today. KSI might not get the chance to fight Jake Paul until he confirms his seriousness about it.

Jake Paul may change his mind, but fighting an MMA fighter and then a YouTuber would not be a prudent career move. Jake Paul should pick a boxer to fight next and secure his place in the boxing scene.

That isn't to say that this won't happen. A payday could be the motivation for Jake Paul, so the future of this fight remains uncertain.