"I like it," Pewdiepie officially likes TikTok

In every instance when Pewdiepie has attempted to use TikTok, he has said nothing but harsh words about it. He did not know that TikTok is very different from Vine or YouTube, and he misused it (more on that later in the article). Pewdiepie is slowly warming up to TikTok now that he's tried it for a while.

The video above is Pewdiepie using the app a week ago. The algorithm takes longer to determine what should be in his FYP (For You Page) because he probably doesn't use it very often. A week after not using TikTok much, his mind changes, as shown below.

Pewdiepie is slowly relenting on his mindset that TikTok is not good; in fact, he says:

"There are some cool TikToks… My mind is changing slowly. I'm opening up. I like it! … Some TikToks are genuinely so funny."

TikTok is the kind of app that needs a bit of time to work properly, but Pewdiepie will probably fall in love with it in time.

Many people misunderstand how to use TikTok, and so they dismiss it early on

Pewdiepie's first few attempts are a great showcase of why some people get hooked on TikTok and others don't. The algorithm takes time to identify which content each user will enjoy, so it presents various options at first to see which one the user interacts with the most. After a few minutes of skipping past videos that are disliked and watching videos that interest users, the algorithm will work very well.

Some users think TikTok has a front page or a trending page, but actually, the For You Page is just for you. You can only make the FYP good if you watch interesting videos and skip past boring ones. Providing users interact with TikTok correctly, as Pewdiepie eventually did, they will come to love it.

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