Elite Dangerous: Odyssey's Latest Update Fixes Prominent UI Issues

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Elite Dangerous' latest expansion has seen a troubled launch. With Odyssey facing a "Mostly Negative" user rating on Steam and widespread criticism for poor performance, it's led to Frontier Developments CEO David Braben issuing an apology.

Confirming a second hotfix was in the works, that's now released and it fixes a wide variety of issues. It's quite a lengthy list and you can find the original post here, but we've got the full patch notes below.

Table of Contents

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  • Improvements have been made to mining drill rig sounds in settlements.
  • In the 'Edit Loadout' screen within starport consoles, the audio mix should now be more consistent with other console screens.
  • Sound has been implemented for the Turbo Lift pop up UI.
  • A fix has been made for audio obstruction maxing out in certain conditions, in large rooms like social spaces (rooms within rooms).
  • Offsets on the weapon reload audio positions have been corrected.
  • Audio ambiences should persist nicely now when switching vessels (foot, SRV, Ship)
  • Many fixes have been made to Starport, Planet Port and landing pad hangar announcer voices. They should also sound much more consistent across the game, with improved effects and environmental reverb.
  • Landing pad announcer voices no longer leak into other landing pads.
  • Reverb zones will now sound as intended, eg SRV garages.
  • A sound effect has been added when switching legal/illegal modes on tools.
  • Omnipol scanning civilians and security dialogue lines have been corrected.
  • Missing player scan dialogue lines have been added.
  • Breathing now remains audible when in combat but not when in an unpowered suit.
  • Optimisations to semi-automatic weapons have been made, resulting in a slight reduction to the voice count.
  • Mix tweaks have been made on skimmers.
  • Mix tweaks have been made on compact analyser - Mainly a couple of very loud sounds have been softened.
  • Take over adverts in social spaces are no longer audible in shops, focusing the mix and avoiding any musical clash.
  • On foot weapon impact sounds are now obstructed/occluded correctly by walls/doors/objects. Previously they would leak through obstructions too much.
  • Mix fixes made on other people's plasma shotguns, which were originally too loud when in close proximity while outside.
  • A fix has been made for rocket launcher tails not working correctly.
  • Mix tweaks have been made on radio comms voices (Dylan and conflict zone co-ordinator).
  • A fix for cockpit reverb on pilot voices has been made.
  • Fixes for reverbs generally being a bit quiet in surround sound have been implemented.
  • The inside-helmet effect has been panned more frontwards when in surround sound.
  • Engineer Hero Ferrari is audible when in conversation now, instead of miming.
  • Building depressurise and pressurise sounds have been made louder.
  • An issue has been fixed with the humanoid suit foley being set up incorrectly.
  • When an NPC calls for back up, their voice will now transition to radio comms at a wider distance and more gracefully. The effects have also been improved.
  • Optimisations to a few audio busses have been made.


  • An animation issue has been fixed whereby third person reload and melee animations on certain weapons failed to complete.
  • An animation issue has been fixed when firing the shotgun in ADS.
  • An incorrect emmisive value has been fixed on certain NPC shoulders.


  • Issues have been fixed that were present when previewing legs and upper body gear pieces.
  • An issue that was present when choosing between the clear and opaque helmet for the flight suit has been fixed. An issue has been fixed whereby browsing decals in Suit Livery/Store resulted in decals staying applied when they shouldn't have.


  • Fixes for some known softlocks have been made, which would occur when rapidly switching perspective during a reload, melee or grenade throwing.
  • The system will now recover if we detect a mismatch between the active conflict zones in a system and the available dropship destinations.
  • A fix has been implemented for a crash which would occur when applying the Weapon Handling mod.


  • EVSM shadows have been re-enable in the system and galaxy map.


  • An issue has been fixed whereby sometimes no loot would be spawning in lockers found in habitat buildings.
  • An issue has been fixed whereby player's health depleted rapidly when logging back in at a social space.
  • Added additional information to explain why the player cannot pay off fines in cases where it may occur.
  • An issue has been fixed whereby auto doors were not displaying the correct "charge" status on their recharge ports in offline and offline damaged states.

Lighting & VFX

  • The flashlight will only display when textures are fully loaded to prevent a large bright circle appearing when first turned on.
  • More visible alarms have been added to Agricultural Settlements.
  • Brightness has been increased in the fleet carrier hangar to help with livery visualisation.
  • Exterior glass material emissive and fade range, has been balanced.
  • Advert light colouration has been modified to match the texture colour.
  • Further adjustments have been made to visuals for hangars and station lighting.
  • Vulture Dropship lighting now matches the regular Vulture Ship.
  • Space Stations have new LUTs for the interior.
  • Megaship lighting has been re-balanced.
  • Main Menu hangar lighting has been re-balanced.
  • The flashing light on the inner dock of some stations has been fixed.
  • Mining extractors now cause damage if the Player walks into the laser.


  • The "Laser" damage type has been changed to "thermal", to bring it in line with the ship weapons of the same type for consistency.
  • Some truncated text on the role panel has been corrected.


  • An issue has been fixed whereby the 'Exit to Main Menu' button wasn't working in the Commander creation screen


  • Fixed some audio cues during missions which did not play as expected.
  • Fixed retrieval and salvage missions targeted at crashed ship,s which sometimes failed to spawn the requested item correctly.
  • Various text fixes and improvements have been made.
  • Fixed Larceny missions which sometimes failed to progress.
  • Fixed Restore and Reactivation missions not completing correctly if the Scavengers wrinkle was active.
  • Fixed an issue where missions would start while the AI count was uncertain.
  • Ship Missions should no longer generate above threat level 8.
  • Added mission names to the player's asset list when selling in the bartender UI.


  • Fixed shuttles and other non mothership vessels being affected by wingmate nav lock.
  • Improvements have been made to data ports to stop infinite download exploits in multiplayer situations.

New Player Experience / Tutorial

  • Fixed some wording in the tutorial menu, as well as reordering the list of tutorials and removal of any duplicates.

Organics/Geologicals and Scatter

  • Visual improvements have been made to roughness of bacterial mats.
  • A reduction in the "glow" of some organics has been made.


  • Fixed cuttable panel at the crashed Eagle salvage mission which was sometimes obstructed by debris.
  • Canisters from the cuttable cargo rack should now roll out further, allowing for them to be picked up easier by an SRV after the rack has been cut
  • Fixed z-fighting on the underside of the crashed Type-9.
  • Improvements to mission POI spawning logic have been made.
  • Fixed an issue where POIs were disappearing while you are at them.


  • A fix has been made for occlusion volumes causing geometry to be culled in the social space
  • A fix has been made for null materials briefly appearing when changing avatar skin previews in Holo-me.
  • Bloom for emissive paintjobs has been fixed to display in livery.
  • A fix has been made for the camera not resetting correctly when exiting outfitting in VR.
  • A fix has been made for the stereoscopic effect on ship schematics/holograms in VR - they should no longer appear as 2D.
  • A fix has been made for inconsistent Avatar thumbnail lighting.
  • A fix has been made for an assert and NaN that sometimes triggered when entering hyperspace.
  • A fix has been made for a black flicker that would momentarily appear across an entire planet on approach.
  • A fix has been made for some minor pixelation on organics.

Settlements (new for Odyssey)

  • Adjusted balance of AI Authority levels throughout the medium extraction settlement.
  • Adjusted timings on some patrols.
  • Fixed synthesis automation unit being obstructed by adjacent chemical tank.
  • Fixed sampling containment unit being found floating 0.5m off the floor in a hydroponics room.
  • Fixed AI snapping off the floor at certain points in their patrol routes, found in a command room.
  • Missing Combat volume has been added to Small Tourism 01 settlement.
  • Fixed bad positioning of the terminal in Small Research Bio 02 settlement.
  • Fixed colour combinations used for Research Lab decorative screens, which affected the colour of holograms on hologram tables.
  • Fixed some shading/normal issues with the inside corners of the Habitat buildings to stop LOD popping.
  • Added capping for the holes in the geometry at the ends of the frames for curved windows in Settlements.
  • Lowered two of the poly tunnels, as they were raised slightly above the ground at the smaller Agricultural Settlements.
  • Fixed and improved occlusion geometry across all large assets within Settlements, including poly tunnels and partition walls.
  • Disabled restricted zones at offline settlements.
  • Added a Fire icon in the terminal for rooms that have the fire alarm active.
  • Fixed missing LODs on the SRV in the Tutorial.

Settlements (legacy)

  • Fixed a few objects floating slightly above the ground at Tiana Fortune's Engineer Base.
  • Fixed underground rocks present at Juri Ishmaak's Engineer Base, which were blocking access to some hangar lobbies.
  • Fixed some terrain flickering in hangar of Farseer Inc.
  • Fixed z-fighting on the ceiling of legacy engineer bases whilst on foot in the hangar lobby area.
  • Fixed a number of hitcheck issues with the large landing pad skirt at one of the Planet Ports.
  • Updated lights that appeared on the main planetary port building with new ones.


  • Camera suite camera orientation fixes have been made for Adder, Dolphin, Federation Fighter, Imperial Fighter, Krait MkII, Mamba, Taipan, Type-7 Transporter, Type-9 Heavy and Vulture.
  • Improvements to spoiler/wings/bumper shipkit livery cameras for Asp, Imperial Cutter, Diamondback Explorer, Federal Corvette, Krait MkII, Python and Vulture have been made.
  • Fixed z-fighting on the Federation Fighter landing gear door.
  • Cockpit 'glass' updated to be darker on all Saud Kruger ships.
  • Updated decals on underside of the Diamondback Explorer (the warning about a moving part has been removed from the non-moving part).
  • Added support for deploying and docking SRVs while docked at settlements.
  • Fixed being unable to board recalled ships that are hovering over unlandable terrain.
  • Fixed a number of oversights on the mothership role panel when in SRVS.
  • Added feedback when a ship could not be recalled due to settlement hostility, conflict zone, or lack of landing pads.
  • Fixed an issue with cockpit detailing appearing for the Cobra MKIII.

Social Spaces

  • LOD fix made on the air conditioner grilles.
  • Fixed occlusion geometry for partition walls.
  • Fixed and updated some occlusion meshes on the seating props in the area in front of the lift.
  • Fixed the little plastic containers at the Bio Vendor to stop them flickering.
  • Engineer Social Space walls updated to reduce LOD popping.

Space Stations

  • Adjustments have been made to hangar 'greebles' to prevent the walls from intersecting the instanced pieces at various stations.

Terrain & Planets

  • On rocky-ice planets, rocky terrain will now mask out icy effects.
  • Hitchecks of rocky ice assets have been updated to closer fit the meshes.
  • Planet surface dust VFX has been improved.
  • A reduction in brightness has been made to any previously over-bright, non-landable planets.


  • Thargoid material adjustments and object alignment fixes have been made. Glowing materials have also been updated.
  • The Thargoid caustic and damaged shaders have been converted to the new PBR ones.
  • Fixed Thargoid kills providing lower combat bond rewards than in Horizons.
  • Fixed Thargoid Imprint ship materials and textures.


  • Fixed issues with the station UI at engineers.
  • Fixed issues with weapon thumbnails not appearing in various UIs.
  • Organic's image in the Vista Genomics UI now displays.
  • Fixed interaction markers bindings display.
  • No longer hiding gunsight when switching weapons (hip fire only).
  • Fixed HUD rendering to fit non 16:9 ratios.
  • Improved HUD notifications to support objective sorting.
  • Removed Turrets button in Role Panel > Gunner tab.
  • Added narrative section to CG transaction panel entry.
  • Fixed mission board contract giver avatar format.
  • Updated empty states for on-foot navigation panel location popup.
  • Fixed mission reward negotiation UI layout and data format.
  • Opening the maps while in Commodities Market UI will no longer hide and close the Starport UI.
  • Fixed threat level colour coding in Mission Board.
  • Fixed an issue whereby controls appeared in Maps, even after the checkbox was unchecked and the player reloaded the maps.
  • Fixed error showing No Data in the cockpit internal panel when there's actually data present.
  • Fixed an issue whereby using the map from the mission board caused an input problem.
  • If the System Map data is unavailable and the system data can't be be bought either, a disabled system map button is now displayed.
  • Fixed "First Discovered by" and "First Mapped by" not appearing on stellar bodies in System Map.
  • Fixed mission icon colours.
  • Fixed Commander Panel not showing the Commander's name and credit balance.
  • Added threat & wing icons to transaction panel.
  • Fixed a bug whereby a "ghost" mission entry could appear in the transaction panel.
  • Closing a terminal will now clear the flag for completed missions, allowing the player to open the Maps UI.
  • Fixed truncated strings in Data download/upload UI.
  • Fixed a bug whereby Squadron Management UI showed the squadron leader did not have permission to promote/demote squadron members.
  • Fixed and improved Comms UI.
  • Fixed Holo-Me issue whereby panels would retain their state despite navigating to another tab.
  • Fixed the ship contacts panel so that the scroll bar doesn't overlap the actual contacts list when visible.
  • Fixed the first footfall/new location entered compass overlay to display planet/moon name on two lines when necessary.
  • Fixed an issue whereby carrier player given names would be displayed with extra characters in some places.
  • Fixed rank spacing in Codex CMDR panel.
  • Fixed Contacts avatar format in ship Contacts Panel.
  • Fixed overlapping column titles in Commodities Market UI.
  • Removed a placeholder label from the Bartender UI.
  • Fixed an issue where mouse input wasn't working when accessing Vehicle Extras from a terminal.
  • Fixed an issue in comms settings where the text was periodically changing size when options were being selected.
  • Fixed various instances of missing audio events.
  • Fixed various missing localisation entries, overlaps, truncations & corruption issues (all languages).


  • A fix has been implemented for AI getting stuck, moving back and forth, when trying to move closer to their combat target.
  • Fixed an issue whereby AI were facing the incorrect direction when moving in general navigation.
  • A fix has been implemented for AI failing to unregister themselves from Patrol Routes.
  • A fix has been implemented for AI weapon aiming snapping between positions too quickly.
  • A fix has been implemented for an issue that could cause AI to become stuck moving between two positions.
  • Fixed an issue where Dropships didn't abort deployment if their deploy point is blocked by a ship.


  • A fix has been implemented whereby some players were getting stuck in a 'reset to orbit' loop, when returning to Horizons from Odyssey.
  • A fix has been implemented whereby Odyssey settlements were not always changing owner after each day's conflicts.
  • Fixed a transaction server error when buying new suits.
  • Fixed some surface mission rewards not correctly incrementing inventory.
  • Restored some commodity price changes from before Odyssey's release.
  • Fixed the display of Superpower rank names and progression in both Horizons and Odyssey.
  • No longer offering Apex Interstellar journeys to Horizons Planet Ports and Planet Outposts planets with too high gravity to allow disembarking.
  • The Founders World permit will be granted to players who reach Elite in Mercenary or Exobiologist in Odyssey.