Elite Dangerous Odyssey's Console Launch Delayed As Frontier Fix PC Issues

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Elite Dangerous' Odyssey expansion has been indefinitely delayed on PS4 and Xbox One. After May's PC launch was heavily criticised for poor performance and bugs, Frontier Developments issued major updates to stabilise their recent expansion, alongside an apology from CEO David Braben.

Speaking to the community via Frontier's forums, Braben's just released a new statement. Advising Update 6 is in development, he tells fans that their feedback is being heard, saying that "We are aware and fully accept the frustration that many of our players have had with their experience of Elite Dangerous Odyssey."

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Elite Dangerous Odyssey's Console Launch Delayed As Frontier Fix PC Issues

Outlining Odyssey's next steps, Braben revealed that in order to better focus on fixing the current PC edition's issues, Odyssey's console release is being delayed. Specifically, he confirmed:

With those things in mind, we have spent a lot of time discussing and re-evaluating our previous plans and we have made the decision to prioritise the core PC experience for Elite Dangerous. Ultimately, we believe it is right to focus our efforts on the core Elite Dangerous Odyssey experience for the platforms that we have released on, before opening up to more.
We know that the work that we do to improve players’ experiences of Elite Dangerous Odyssey on PC will benefit other platforms in the future, but the dates and details of the console platforms are going to change. We do not want to rush into confirming any dates or changes this has on our console release, as we must remain fully focused on the core Elite experience. Only when we feel that the foundation of the PC release is solid, will we be able to re-lay our console roadmap on top.

Having previously been announced for a Fall 2021 launch, this leaves Xbox One and PS4 players without a release window at all for Odyssey. Given the PC edition's negative reception, it's unsurprising that Frontier want to fix this before releasing it elsewhere, and we'll keep you informed as we learn more.

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