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Will Elder Scrolls 6 Be An Xbox Exclusive?


PlayStation fans were hoping this day wouldn’t come but Microsoft has officially purchased Bethesda, meaning that certain game franchises like Doom, Wolfenstein, Fallout, and the highly-anticipated Elder Scrolls 6 could end up being Xbox exclusives.


This is a fear that plenty of gamers have had since Skyrim, one of Bethesda’s best games, was available on a number of consoles, including the PS4 and Nintendo Switch, so fans who played the game on those systems won’t be happy if The Elder Scrolls 6 ends up being Xbox exclusive.

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Will Elder Scrolls 6 Be An Xbox Exclusive?

Microsoft did state that they would consider making Bethesda games available on other systems but will focus on making games for Xbox Games Pass, which is basically the gaming version of Netflix.

The service has been a huge success for Microsoft and gamers alike as it lets gamers play a ton of titles for a monthly fee, so seeing new Bethesda games on Xbox Games Pass would be something so appealing that even Sony fanboys might consider getting an Xbox Series X.

The Elder Scrolls 6 being available on Xbox Game Pass would blow a lot of our minds and would, once again, ensure that people would actually buy the console and subscribe.

Granted, Xbox Games Pass is also available on PC so gamers who are already gaming there should have no real problems, but we’re sure console players wouldn’t mind giving the Xbox Series X a chance if it comes with Elder Scrolls 6.

In a smart move, the folks at Microsoft have already made a number of Bethesda games available on Xbox Games Pass so if you have an Xbox Series X or even an Xbox One, you can check these games out now.

Granted, none of them are The Elder Scrolls 6 but that will surely change once that game gets an official release date.

No release date for The Elder Scrolls 6 has been revealed, so here’s hoping that something happens in a few months (or years).

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