Starfield Easter Egg Could Point to Elder Scrolls 6 Setting

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Todd Howard could have slipped an Elder Scrolls 6 setting Easter egg in the Starfield E3 2021 trailer — or Bethesda could just be trolling us.

At the 1:17 mark in the trailer, the camera lingers on the spaceship's console while the astronaut sets it up before launch.


There's a rather detailed scratch on the console's metal finish, so detailed one could even call it a doodle.

Redditer Huhwtfbleh posted an image of the doodle-scratch and a picture of the Iliac Bay map from The Elder Scrolls.

The two aren't identical, but it's also hard to overlook the similarities.

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Starfield Easter Egg Could Point to Elder Scrolls 6 Setting

Iliac Bay is a region in the north of Tamriel known primarily for being where Daggerfall and Hammerfell are located, the latter of which is the home of the Redguards.

Iliac Bay and its surrounding locales are no strangers to TES players, since they've featured in some capacity in several previous games — in word alone.


If this isn't a tease of another kind or just an elaborate joke, it could mean we finally get to visit Iliac Bay and Hammerfell in Elder Scrolls 6.

Whatever the case, it'll likely be a while before we learn anything more about Elder Scrolls 6.

Starfield is Bethesda's primary focus for now and won't release until 2022.

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[Source: Reddit]