Bethesda Outlines Skyrim Anniversary Edition's New Content

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Skyrim Anniversary Edition is more than just a graphical touch-up with fish tanks. Bethesda outlined some of the changes we can expect in the game's 10th anniversary celebration, including new quests and throwbacks to previous Elder Scrolls adventures.

The Skyrim Anniversary Edition includes all previous Creation Club content and new content as well. Bethesda highlighted the Ghost of the Tribunal pack with weapons and armor from Morrowind, alongside The Cause, where you'll have to stop Mythic Dawn from opening a new Oblivion gate.

One of the older packs isSaints and Seducers, a questline from the Creation Club with two main quests, several smaller quests, and even new armor, weapons, and enemies. There's also a set of rare curios merchants will stock that let you craft new potions and deadly arrows.

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Bethesda Outlines Skyrim Anniversary Edition's New Content

Survival mode turns Skyrim into, well, a survival game. The Dragonborn needs to stay warm and full, so you'll have to plan your armor and meals with more care than usual.

Finally is fishing. The anniversary edition adds 20 fish species to find across the realm and the option to either cook your catch or display them in the new aquarium features you can add in your home.

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